First Post: Living Paycheck to Paycheck

It’s December 1, 2016 as of writing. I have 150 pesos in my wallet but a few thousands should be in my Paypal account in a couple of days. I hope that the money arrives before the weekend because I really want to go watch Moana in the movies with Leroy and do some grocery shopping too.

The thing is, I should have more than enough but Its Jeff’s 29th birthday on the 7th and mom’s death anniversary on the 10th and that means I will be spending money. I honestly don’t mind. I don’t mind spending for the people I loved and cared except that it is December and that there are “seasonal” and “necessary” expense that are unavoidable.

So, here is what my finances look like over the weekend:

Income from fulltime job:                            13,000 Pesos

Income from parttime Job:                          12,000 Pesos

Income from one time job:                         2,400 Pesos

TOTAL: 27,400 Pesos


My expenses for December 1 to 15:

Petty Cash Loan (including interest)                         4,000

Appliance Loan                                                                 5,500

Phone                                                                                   1,000

Electric (estimate)                                                           2,000

Internet                                                                               1,000

Leroy’s Tuition                                                                  1,500

Jeff’s Bday                                                                          2,500

Mom’s Death Anniversary                                           3,500

Gift for Leroy’s X-mas Party and donation            1,500

Food (200 per day X 15)                                                 3,000

Leroy’s school snack                                                        500

Movie, new socks and fare                                            1,500

TOTAL: 27,500 Pesos

See the problem there? I though I will have enough to buy Leroy a new shoe before the party. Good thing he has an outfit already that I bought in Baclaran when I was in Pasig last month.


I will have to be very careful if I want to survive till next paycheck.

I am currently living paycheck to paycheck but it’s OK. I am very optimistic for some reason. I know that 2017 will be my best year yet and I like to think that 2016 is just as successful.

I will have more updates over the weekend after I do my groceries.





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